Was Light Yagami right? (2023)

Was Light Yagami right?

Light was perfectly correct about Mikami - and it's part of why he was chosen as X-Kira - he just chose to think of the information at the wrong time. Though he might be one of the smartest characters in the series, Light still has the bad luck to be underestimated.

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Were Light Yagamis actions justified?

Yes. Even Ryuk knew this and told him that if killed all of the bad guys, “you would be the only bad person left.”

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What was Light's biggest mistake?

The only mistake made by Light was thinking Mikami thinks in the same way as him. There were many scenes in which Mikami acted the same way Light would have expected him to act and so Light became super sure that Mikami is worthy of assisting him. But, Light was genius and Mikami was just a follower of Kira.

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Who was right L or Light?

They both swear to to see the other dead and prove whose brand of justice is right, and this dominates the first arc of Death Note. Light wins this battle of wits, but that doesn't mean that L was a fool. Light had the advantage of the supernatural Death Note and Misa's Shinigami eyes, which allowed him to triumph.

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Did Light lose ownership of the Death Note?

Light relinquishes ownership of the Death Note to Kiyomi Takada. After Takada is caught, Light kills her to recover the Death Note, but it is taken by the investigation team.

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How many crimes has Light Yagami committed?

52 Criminals - Killed by Light after having their names written in his Death Note, mentioned. Naoki Koro Kitayama - Died of a heart attack when Light wrote his name in his Death Note, mentioned. 159 People - Names shown written in Light's Death Note. 152 names shown written on the left page, seven on the right.

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What was Light's lifespan?

Known lifespans
Light Yagami9 3 31 26 3 9 20161121 (LINE Play)
L75231362 (anime) 51161121 (TV drama)
Misa Amane15 42 30 6 (anime) 12 74 2 9 55 (TV drama, Othellonia)
Soichiro Yagami932253 (film series)
20 more rows

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Who is more popular L or Light?

L is arguably the most popular and beloved character in the series, even more so than Light Yagami. He is also the one person who was able to go up against Kira and nearly win.

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Why didn t Light Yagami win?

Light has truly lost. Before Light dies though Ryuk reminds both Light and the audience of what Light said early on in the series when asked why he was passing judgment on others: He was bored. For all the grand posturing of being god and making the world a better place, this was all because Light was bored.

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What is the weakness of Light Yagami?

Weaknesses: Overconfidence, the rules of the Death Note can sometimes hinder him. Standard equipment: Death Note, pen, a wristwatch containing a scrap of the Death Note and a pin, usually accompanied by the Shinigami Ryuk.

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What was Light's main goal?

Light's main goal is to create a new world that is free of injustice and populated only with people whom he deems honest and kind, thus becoming the "God of the new world". Light is decisive and driven to achieve his ambitions, without faltering one bit in his beliefs.

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How Light Yagami could have won?

The only way that Light could have won was for Ryuk to remove his memories of the Death Note and his Kira persona. This way, Mikami would not have known that Light was Kira.

Was Light Yagami right? (2023)
Was Light a good person before Death Note?

Light Yagami was an arrogant narcissist who right off the bat, after he murdered those two people, proclaimed he wanted to be the “God of the New World” and have people worship him, and that anybody who opposed him would be evil, no questions asked, black-and-white.

What is the IQ of Light Yagami?

Light Yagami (IQ 211)

Through his brilliant intellect, he not only defeated Interpol but also beat L in his mind games.

Was Light evil from the start?

Light Yagami is a psychopathic, mass-murdering, despicable criminal from almost the very beginning of the series. He is not a good person who becomes evil. Rather, he is a very evil person who acts the way he does because he finds the ultimate tool to carry out his evil wishes without any repercussions from the law.

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