How do you stop getting ingrown hairs even when you exfoliate? (2023)

Why do I get ingrown hairs even though I exfoliate?

So what if you still get ingrown hairs even if you do prioritize exfoliation? Genetics might be to blame. "You may be perfectly following the exfoliating steps of your wax studio, but ingrown hairs are much more likely with coarse, curly hair," explains Dr. Palm.

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Does exfoliating get rid of ingrown hairs?


'Using a naturally grainy exfoliant is one of the best treatments for removing ingrown hairs. Exfoliation helps improve cell turnover and removal of dead skin cells whilst at the same time cleansing the affected area,' says Dr Liakas.

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How often should you exfoliate to avoid ingrown hairs?

To avoid ingrown hairs, try exfoliating once a week - this helps remove dead skin cells and "clears the path" so that your hair can grow the way they're supposed to. It is recommended to exfoliate about 2 days before epilation.

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Why do I keep get ingrown hairs even when I don't shave?

But, even if you don't remove the hair, the pressure from underwear or other clothing can push it down, causing an ingrown hair. This is why ingrown hairs can also be common around the pubic area or upper thighs. You'll often get ingrown hairs around areas that you shave or wax.

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What causes recurring ingrown hairs?

Sometimes, dead skin can clog a hair follicle. That forces the hair to grow sideways under your skin, rather than up and out. Or if you cut naturally curly hair too short, the sharpened end of the hair can pierce your skin, causing an ingrown hair.

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Should you pop a ingrown hair?

Picking or popping the ingrown hair will only increase your risk of infection because it exposes the follicle to bacteria. Picking the skin can also cause scars. Although ingrown hairs can be uncomfortable at times, they're best left alone. Many cases clear up on their own without any interference.

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Does shaving over ingrown hairs make it worse?

"One of the worst things to do when having ingrown hair is to continue to shave and remove hair in the affected region," Dr. Elbuluk advises. "It is best to wait until razor bumps have resolved before going back to shaving or engaging in further hair removal at the site."

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Are ingrown hairs worse with shaving or waxing?

Ingrown hairs are common with the hair removal process. Waxing significantly reduces the chance of ingrowns due to hair being removed from the root instead of chopped at the surface, as it is with shaving. Still, these pesky little guys can make a very much unwanted appearance with waxing.

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What happens if you don't fix ingrown hair?

The process itself can cause swelling, which may irritate your skin and lead to razor bumps and cysts. Removing a hair can also cause the new hair that grows in its place to grow in incorrectly. The new hair may grow sideways and eventually curl back down.

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Does exfoliating help with ingrown facial hair?

To help get rid of your ingrown hairs, try using an exfoliating scrub. The scrub will work to get rid of the skin around your ingrown hairs that is causing them to get trapped. When using an exfoliator like a facial scrub, try applying it to your neck and face in a circular motion while focusing on each ingrown hair.

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How do you exfoliate ingrown hair bumps?

For the bikini line, underarms or other areas that can handle a little sloughing, Peterson says you can use a dry brush or granular exfoliators “to bring the ingrown hair to the surface of the skin.” On the face, the aesthetician advises using a chemical or very gentle physical exfoliant instead.

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How do you draw out an ingrown hair?

Release visible ingrown hairs by inserting a sterile needle under each hair loop and gently lifting the tip that has grown back into the skin. Rinse your skin and apply a cool, wet cloth for a few minutes. Then use a soothing after-shave product.

How do you stop getting ingrown hairs even when you exfoliate? (2023)
Should you exfoliate an ingrown hair cyst?

Use gentle soaps to clean areas around the ingrown hair and prevent infection. Using natural exfoliates around the hair can also help remove dead skin cells. Exfoliating also helps clear the inflamed and irritated skin around the hair.

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